Why do you need a professional illustrator?

Art by Riaan is there to help you achieve your imagined world. Illustration is all about creating images from your imagination into reality. Everything we see and have around us has its origin from some kind of art form. The chair you sit on, the table your work on and the screen you read this text from has been designed and visualised by an artist. Art is such an integral part of our lives we rarely see it any more.
We only realise that when we have a need to visualise our ideas or designs. Now, most people have the ability to put their ideas into words, but have some trouble executing it on paper. This is when you usually call in the help of a professional illustrator. Art by Riaan delivers that high quality professional service.

Our Services

Marketers, Designers, Architects & Visionaries  

Art by Riaan delivers a comprehensive support service to various industries. Illustrations and animations are crucial marketing and exhibition tools for marketers and the design industry. Showing your product and all its benefits to clients need to be rendered in a skilled and professional manner. Animations are vital in most industries where the use of products or the demonstration of procedures are to be displayed. This is where Art by Riaan's services can be instrumental in your presentation or marketing material.

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3D Arch-Viz 

Rendering conceptual or actual soon to be architecture. It can be buildings, houses, grocery stores, museums, etc

3D Product visualisation

We will recreate your product professionally in 3D graphics software. 3D visualization is an art that requires both techincal and artistic skills to represent your product in the best possible way.

3D Game environments and assets

In game 3D objects that are modeled using a 3D software, creating buildings, trees and numoruous other props for a game to be functional.

Book covers

Unique images that are placed on the front, spine and back of a book cover to illustrate the content of the book. Evocative art makes people want to pick up and buy books.

CD/DVD covers

Usualy the images that are displayed on CD/DVD cover are there to intice  clients to pick up and buy the product. CD/DVD covers need to grab the viewer's attention

Posters and T-shirts

We create unique and personalised posters and T-shirts for any occation. Be it movies, superheros or even your own design, no job is too big or small.

Who needs professional illustration services?

Professionally created illustrations is a valuable tool for authors, entrepreneurs, architects, engineers and visionaries. Your ideas are only as good as the representation of it. If your illustration lacks lustre, quality and clarity it will depreciate your hard work and the value that you have placed in your ideas or concepts.   Well designed and creatively executed illustrations will give an authors book that extra bit of selling power. Your words will jump of the page enhanced by illustrations depicting your words as you meant it to be visualised.

Pictures and illustrations will help your narrative to be understood clearly and will illuminate your ideas.   Info-graphics and diagrams with fitting illustrations must be one the of the sharpest tools in the entrepreneur's magic box. Entrepreneurs have the vision that most other people don't have. They play their ideas and concepts in their heads and see the results of their thought processes. However, they need to simplify and visualise their ideas to customers and clients. That is where a professional illustrator is essential to craft logical and clear info-graphics and diagrams explaining where words seem to fail. 

The work of an architect is very technical. An architect needs to plan a building from the ground, foundation, walls all the way to the very highest tip of the roof. And sometimes they need to show a potential client what their dream house or office will look like even before the first foundation hole has been dug. By using the services of a professional illustrator their plan can become reality in 3D rendering. This gives the architect yet another tool to see whether a house design will look good and work well. Tweaking the plan and the house to suite the client's needs and desires. Thus helping the client to see and commit to a design. With visualisations both the client and architect knows what is required and what will be delivered in the end.

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Customers Reviews

Separation Scientific
Great designer, always pleasant and very patient. We are very satisfied with his work.

Riaan has always been found to be reliable and has delivered with all the projects we tasked him with.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Riaan on future projects.

Viloshni Govender

Fox Enigneering 
We commissioned Riaan Marais a while ago to do the design of our logo for our new business and we were so satisfied with the results that we asked him to do the design of our business card too. He did amazing work on the design of our business card. I went to him with a faint idea of what I want, and he just took it and  impressed us with a fantastic design.   We are very grateful for his fast and professional service.  

Debbie Pieterse  

Seconds before landing 
He received, and understood my ideas, and finished my first project, in a very short period of time. I have used Riaan, for all 3 of my albums now, and he is currently working on a fourth project for me now. In between designs for my albums, he has done logo work for me, and a wide variety of online signs, that I frequently use to advertise my projects.

John Crispino - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. U.S.A

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