Basics of drawing

Hi there

Today’s tip on basic drawing is very short, but essential to master this skill. Almost all human made objects have one or more of the three basic forms as a structure: Sphere, Cube or Cylinder.

Look at how I used these forms to draw the mug, chair and bowl in the pictures below.

First I used the simplest shapes and forms to describe my objects. I just focused on the basic forms first.

Once I am happy with my forms and feel that they convey the object’s shape and dimensions correctly I refine them further. In the last stage I look closely at shadows and carefully render these as I see them.

It is important not to draw the outlines of the objects that you want to draw, but to look for the basic forms in it. This way you will have a better understanding of your object and will get the proportions correct much faster and easier. It will also give you the ability to draw this object from memory and at any angle, because you can break it down into it’s simplest form and reassemble it without having the object in front of you.

Next we will look at how to draw shades and shadows. BUT for now draw as many objects as you can in and around your home, office or school to master the basics of drawing. Once you have mastered this skill you will find drawing less daunting.

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