Riaan Marais the artist

From the age of 10 years, I realised that art is my passion and my life's calling. I drew when I was happy, when I was sad, angry or even bored. So, to me there was only one way in life and that was art. Initially I wanted to become a graphic designer, but as time passed I realised that making pictures and lots of them is far more rewarding than graphic design. Although I still do the odd graphic design job, my heart and sole is in illustration. In no other area of art will you be able to draw as many picture, render as many 3D images as in illustration.

I estimate to date I must have created over 10,000 pictures and paintings. Art is an every day event for me. If I am not busy with an illustration I will draw or paint something. Or create a new 3D project. I can not imagine a day without doing something that does not involve creativity and visualising something. Art is my food, my water and my escape.

Riaan Marais

084 762 5340


Web: www.artbyriaan.co.za

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